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How it Works

Habitat's Brush with Kindness helps people in need of small home repairs on their home. We believe that everyone deserves a decent place to live. This program is designed for those who have a financial need, when families and your local church are unable to help.

To request help from the Habitat brush with kindness program you must own your home. Habitat does not perform any work on rentals.


Work Examples: Leaky water heater, lighting installation, small plumbing repairs, small electrical repairs, ramps for accessibility, siding repair, wall repairs, running toilets, clogged gutters, handicap grab bars, door and window screen repair, etc.

Habitat will provide the volunteers to do the work, but the material cost will need to be paid by the homeowner.

What we don’t do: Roofs, foundation work, overhaul of entire house.

Jobs we are unable to complete, we will provide the names of local companies who work with Habitat for Humanity. We trust them and would like to share their services with you if we are unable to complete the work.

Apply Today

Please complete the online application to either apply for help from Habitat's Brush with Kindness program or to donate your time and expertise to help others. Once an application is filled out, a staff member or volunteer from Habitat will connect with you.

For those needing help with a project, we will schedule a time where we can come to your house to meet you in person and see the project that needs attention. Once the material cost is determined a payment for materials will be collected before the work is completed.

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