Danielle moved to Lafayette with her mother and sisters when she was in      kindergarten. Her grandma lives here and her mother wanted them to be closer to her. She applied with Habitat because as a single mother, she knew it would be difficult for her to achieve her goals with the housing market in the area.

She works as a teller at Industrial Federal Credit Union. She enjoys reading, playing Pokémon GO with her boys, shopping with her daughter and going to amusements parks as a family. She is described as hard working, kind, funny, strong and independent. . 

Amiyah will be 13 in May of 2024. She is finishing 7th grade at Tecumseh Jr/Sr HS. She is always helpful, organized, punctual and bossy. She enjoys listening to music and likes being in choir. Her mom says she enjoys organizing spaces and controlling everything 🙂

Domanic will be 13 in June of 2024. He is also finishing his 7th grade year at Tecumseh Jr/Sr HS. He is always caring, funny, thoughtful and silly. He likes playing video games and playing Pokémon GO. 

Kaden is 10 years old and is finishing 4th grade at Miller Elementary. He is always talkative, hyper, distracted and full of random facts. He likes to play video games, Pokémon GO, and reading books with facts about sharks and other topics he enjoys learning about. 

Danielle is often asked if Amiyah and Domanic are twins since they are the same age. In December 2018, Danielle got the best gift when Amiyah’s    adoption was finalized! Danielle has lived in rentals her whole life so having a place that she and her children can always call home, even once they are grown, is all she has ever wanted!