Halli grew up in Monticello and decided to apply when she saw that Habitat was   taking applications for the homeownership program in White County!

Halli works as a receptionist in a local eye care office. She describes herself as a fun person who most people think is quiet, but once you get to know her, she isn’t.

She likes to laugh all the time!

She is a single mom to two children and thinks Habitat is a great opportunity for her and her kids. She spends most of her time with her kids but also likes to hang out with friends.

Her daughter, Mia, is 7 1/2 years old and is in the 2nd grade. She is sassy and full of attitude! She loves to read and is good at art.

Her son, Noah, is 4 years old and is in pre-school. He is a sour patch who loves to play outside!

Halli is most looking forward to being able to say “the home is mine” and to have a place for her kids to grow up.