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meet the Hutsell family

Habitat for Humanity | Lafayette, IN

Aaron, Patricia, and Selah

Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.

Psalm 127:1

A aron and Patricia Hutsell live in Delphi, Indiana with their two-month-old daughter, Selah. Both Patricia and Aaron are interested in photography with each pursuing that interest in a unique manner.

Patricia grew up in Modoc, Indiana, then moved to Dunkirk, and graduated from Blackford High School. Her interest in photography started in high school, and she enjoys doing portraits. Baby Selah has been the subject of many of Patricia’s recent portraits. After high school, Patricia worked in fast food and now works with five particular special needs adults at Wabash Center in Lafayette.

Aaron says Patricia has a “heart for individuals and families with special needs.” She treats her customers as part of her family, and she and Aaron interact with these individuals in various supportive ways. Cooking is another interest for Patricia. She and Aaron have been implementing the high protein Paleo diet and with this diet Aaron has achieved his desired weight.

Aaron grew up in Carroll County and graduated from Delphi High School. He met Patricia at Harvest Chapel in Lafayette. Aaron has worked at Camp Tecumseh since he was a boy and has been a firefighter with the Delphi Volunteer Fire Department for three years. Aaron uses his photography skills for the fire department by documenting fire scenes and specific details of fires. His other interests include his family, church, and the prevention of human trafficking. His unique interest in prevention of human trafficking has led him to do serious study of the issue. He has done public speaking on this epidemic at churches in Lafayette and Attica. In September he will speak in Otterbein to a gathering of the Northwest Indiana Methodist Women’s Organization.

Daughter Selah is a bright-eyed baby girl with lots of dark hair. She inherited her dad’s height, as she was 20 ½ Inches in length at birth. Both parents agree that Selah is an easy-going baby. The word Selah is found frequently in the book of Psalms and is defined as “pause and praise.” The phrase is often likened to the word “amen.”

Patricia and Aaron are serious about their role as parents to Selah and want to make sure she has a loving and safe home environment. Therefore, working toward a safe new home is a major goal. They have started their classes and sweat equity hours for Habitat. They feel a Habitat home will provide a safe, stable, and secure home for Selah and themselves.

Patricia and Aaron feel a Habitat home will provide a safe, stable, and secure home for Selah and themselves.