Hear what our partner families and volunteers have to say about their Habitat experience.

Habitat Homeowners

Elisha Hollandbeck

Habitat Homeowner Since 2012

“What I didn’t expect to get out of the Habitat program was a renewed sense of self and a newfound sense of community and friends that I will have for a lifetime. These people took me in like family and genuinely wanted to help me and mine. For eight hours every Saturday for a year, I was with these people. In those hours, we shared meals, laughed, cried, learned, and shared our experiences. We learned how to construct houses, how to make home repairs, and how to better manage our finances. Here it was — every opportunity I wanted and needed to rebuild my life, given to me by people who were kind.”

Michelle McGhee

New Habitat Homeowner

“Habitat has definitely been life-changing for me and my family. Helping my daughter who is a single- mom and has some major health concerns raise her boys makes life a challenge at times; but being a part of the Habitat family, means an opportunity to be a home-owner, relieving at least one big burden. This is not only a great chance to work towards having affordable permanent housing with an interest-free loan, but has also built tons of self-confidence and pride in myself. It is also part of something even bigger. Habitat is truly family and a community of people who care and want to see you succeed and thrive. I feel more prepared than ever to be a home-owner thanks to the financial classes, home-ownership workshops, and the support given to me through the organization. I love seeing how God moves throughout the Habitat community. I am so humbled and grateful for each sweat equity hour I am privileged to put in, and for every single person who works, volunteers or donates to allow me such a blessing.”

Habitat Homeowner Since 2007

“Being a Habitat homeowner has allowed me to become financially stable. I have been able to go to college and support my family while earning a degree.”

Habitat Homeowner’s Child, Age 7

“My house is important to me because my family lives in our house with me. I have my own room upstairs, and I have a lot of food in the kitchen. This is where I grew up and learned a lot of things like how to ride a bike, walk, eat solid foods, open doors, dance, talk, sit up, stand up, and learn to read!”

Habitat Homeowner Since 2009, Family Support Committee

“Habitat for Humanity has built a home for my son and me. More importantly, it has built hope by providing security, a shelter, and stability that we would not have been able to imagine without Habitat’s provision. Habitat has not just changed my individual life; it changes communities. It brings neighbors together, all pushing toward a common good, the betterment of the street, the beautification of the neighborhood, and the renewed lives of the partner families.”


Jen Dekker

“It seems cheesy to say that what Habitat’s mission means to me is hope…but the answer is simple; it’s hope. It means being able to have faith, to have trust, to have a sense of optimism about what the future holds.

I started attending house blessings as a representative from the City of Lafayette. I would show up, listen, sing (poorly), and occasionally pass out a gift to the new homeowners…all the while thinking we were celebrating the simple completion of a house. Countless house blessings, wall raisings, and Habitat celebrations later, I began to realize that I was no longer showing up to celebration just a house. I was there to celebrate the families and the excitement that these are THEIR homes, their place here in our community.

My favorite thing about weddings is seeing the look on the groom’s face when he sees the bride for the very first time. The sense of wonderment, of optimism, of sheer hopeful joy is overwhelming. Now, when I attend a house blessing, my favorite thing is to look around and see the faces of the other partner families in the room. They are full of that same palpable hope, a hope for their own new beginning.”

Board Chair

“Over the last 30 years, few organizations have done for Tippecanoe County residents and others what Habitat for Humanity has accomplished. They have provided for the basic need of affordable and safe housing for families . . . Along the way, these families taught all of us who worked alongside them humility, how to work together as a community, and the sum is greater than the parts.”

Construction Volunteer, Family Support Committee

“Habitat means to me: working together with people of various ages and in various stages of life; getting dust in your hair, paint on your pants, mud on your shoes, an ache in your arms, rain on your back, a chill in your fingers, but most of all, getting a smile in your heart because you are a part of a family that is putting God’s love into action.”


“Hundreds of families in the area have benefitted from Habitat’s building efforts, but thousands have benefitted from the experience of working together in fundraising, organizing, and construction. I have been personally involved and have seen the energy and enthusiasm generated in many young adults (students), as well as in more mature folks like me. This has been a very positive influence in developing Greater Lafayette’s image as a caring, sharing community.”

Construction Volunteer, Habitat Board of Directors

“When you see volunteers, staff, community leaders, and partner families joyfully come together to improve the lives of those who need a hand, you realize the Lord’s spirit is working in everyone’s hearts to fulfill the Habitat mission.”