Homeownership Application Instructions

Let’s get started on your home!

If you feel you meet our qualifications, you’re ready to take the next steps. Let the journey begin!

1. Apply.

If you believe you might qualify for a Habitat home, you may email us at INFO@lafayettehabitat.org (with notation Homeownership Application), or you may call our office and leave a message at 765.423.4590 EXT 112, or you may stop by our Main Office at 420 South 1st Street in Lafayette. When you receive a Habitat homeowner application, complete and return it, your application will be reviewed, and a decision will be made if you meet the necessary requirements to move to the next step. You will then receive a letter listing what financial and personal documents are needed to continue the application process. If the verifications and documents meet the eligibility requirements, a letter of pre-approval will be sent to your address within 30 days of your submission of supporting documentation. If you are denied, you will receive a letter of denial or adverse action notice. All denials will be encouraged to correct the items that caused disqualification and reapply at a later time.

2. Become a partner.

Families who are selected will be asked to sign a Partnership Covenant Agreement and can begin earning sweat equity hours immediately. Each partner family is required to contribute at least 250 hours of sweat equity towards the home. Sweat equity hours include homeownership education, financial education, and volunteer hours building your house and working on other Habitat homes.

3. Put in sweat equity hours.

Once a family is approved, there will be a few months where a family puts in their sweat equity hours (a minimum of 20 hours per month) and pays $100.00 per month toward their earnest money for closing.

4. Make the house a home!

Upon the completion of the home, you will sign closing documents and become a Habitat homeowner! After moving in, you will be expected to pay your mortgage on time every month. Mortgages are typically less than $500.00 per month. Your and your family will also be expected to keep up the maintenance on your home.