Home Repairs

Habitat for Humanity of Lafayette offers an ongoing “Home Repair” program.  Most of the efforts and projects of this program are carried out in the context of the specific neighborhoods that Habitat has designated as its “Neighborhood Revitalization” communities.  

Home Repairs include:

     Small repairs (a leaky faucet, mailbox repair, fence repair, replace a faulty light fixture…); 

     Larger repairs (new front door, hedge removal, raised bed garden, new gutters…);

     and Big repair projects (a new roof, plumbing, furnace, new sidewalk, new storage shed, new garage…).


"Home Repair" projects are often carried out with the much needed help of volunteers. When you make yourself available to volunteer (as an individual and/or as a group)
you may well be assigned to help us with one of our Home Repair projects.
It really makes a difference in the life of one of our local residents/families;
it makes a difference in the trust and relationship we have the local community; and
it will make a difference in your life - as you give of yourself to help someone in need.



No matter your skill set, Habitat for Humanity can benefit from your talents and service. We are always looking for volunteers to help with a variety of projects.