Green Spaces and Gardens

     One of the AMAZING efforts of Habitat for Humanity of Lafayette comes through its passion and commitment to developing and maintaining gardens and green spaces.  Habitat President & CEO Doug Taylor has been the major force behind this aspect of our ministry.  Doug loves to see beautification, to see trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables growing, to see lots of green across the neighborhoods that Habitat has enjoined in revitalization efforts.  

     Pocket Parks are wedged into available neighborhood spaces; large community vegetable gardens across the railroad tracks; raised box gardens (rented and maintained by community residents) in special places in community; community share gardens along fence rows…  With “Gardens and Green Spaces” come honey bees and increased bird life.  It all just seems to breathe a little bit of freshness, beauty and life into the effort of transforming and revitalizing neighborhoods.     


Maybe you would like to Volunteer in helping with our gardens, pocket parks, landscaping, beautification and green spaces... green thumbs and a willing heart are all we require.