Freedom Ramps

Building a Freedom Ramp is a wonderful way that volunteers can join together on a project that does not demand a large time commitment yet offers an immense improvement in quality of life and freedom for a local resident.  There are hundreds of people in the Greater Lafayette area who are homebound for lack of a wheelchair ramp.

Construction work under the direction of a Habitat Project Manager can be done by a wide age and ability range.  Very little skill and no tools are required.  Just bring a loving heart and willing hands.  This is a great Project for a Church group, Civic group, Purdue Student group, Veterans group or just a group of friends.

Currently there is a waiting list of qualified applicants – so your team (should you choose to build a ramp) literally determines how soon one of our special clients will gain their freedom and an accessible home.

          Cost: $1000

          # of Volunteers: 4–6 individuals

          Day of the Week: Saturdays

          Time Commitment: 6 Hours

Organize your Team and truly make a difference! Call to schedule your Ramp Project.