Jaunita has made her home in Lafayette for almost 20 years. Becoming a Habitat partner family and owning her own home will give stability to her family. They won’t have to worry about rising rent costs or having to move.

Itzel (19) is hardworking and will be fulfilling Sweat Equity hours. She enjoys going out with friends. Krystal (14) is “crazy like Mom” and likes hanging out with friends and family. Enrique (13) is intelligent and sensitive and spends his time building with Legos, drawing and playing with his sibs. Jonathan (11) is very laid back and a   helper to his Mom. He spends his time playing with his Dad’s dogs and playing video games. Joseline (9) is friendly and the “calm” kid. She likes to do hair and play with her aunt who lives nearby. Yamileth (7) is super energetic and does a lot of playing with toys and riding her bike. Yaretzy (4) is shy and curious. She likes playing with baby dolls and is just about ready for the training wheels to come off her bike.

They are looking forward to moving into their new home and having space, privacy, room to play, and meeting new kids in the neighborhood. Plus it will be “better for Mom.”

They are a family who loves to joke with each other, usually started by Enrique or Jonathan. No doubt their Habitat home will be filled with lots of love and laughter.1